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Are you tired of switching lawn care or landscaping service providers and never being quite satisfied with the results of their sloppy work? Do you feel like taking care of your lawn and your yard is often a chore and you may be a bit overwhelmed about everything that needs to be done outside the house? If so, perhaps the time to end your worries has arrived. We at Precision Lawn & Landscape have an experience of over a decade of providing simply exceptional landscaping in Dumfries VA and in the vicinity. With the risk of boasting, we have to say that our team is the best service provider in the area, receiving continuous training in the field and offering our clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Landscaping Dumfries VA services

Besides providing our clients in the area with impeccable lawn care and lawn maintenance service, our team is perfectly competent and apt in delivering them with all the landscaping their yards need, or assisting them throughout any change they want to bring to their outdoor scenery. We have established a good name in the neighborhood by taking our job as seriously as possible, by providing personalized service after comprehensive talks to the client in order to understand their vision about landscaping, and by having an expertise in all areas of the job. Here are a few of the things we are known for:

Spring and Fall Clean-Up, Pruning and Shrub Trimming: We are expertly adept at performing all of these maintenance tasks as soon as they’re required, and within a personalized agreement with the customer about they expect and how it would be most functional for them. When it comes to landscaping Dumfries VA yards, we believe that a good foundation is the key to success and therefore we pay close attention to these small tasks in order to have a completely positive overall outcome.

Flowerbed Design and Maintenance: We provide our clients with personalized designs to fit their preferences and taste, and to be a functional fit with the rest of the yard. We also use flowers and plants native to the local area in order to make them adapt easier to the climate and require less external intervention in order to thrive.

Mulching: We are equipped with the tools and skills to deliver exceptional mulching services as the base of all future landscaping and lawn care activities. In dry days, we install a layer of wet mulch and allow it to dry up much like paint, in order to protect the lawn from many mishaps like soil dryness, extreme temperature variations and so on. We also provide weed prevention services during the mulching phase.

Planting: Another thing we do well is, of course, planting all sort of plants, from flowers and tress to grass and shrubs. We design the ideal location for the planting based on the client’s preferences, and then carry out the job flawlessly.

Gutter Cleaning: We take care of clearing and cleaning all of your gutters, so you do not have water running off your roof, damaging your lawn, creating standing water, and possibly causing damage to your foundation.

Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

All of our landscaping Dumfries VA services come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, which means that in case you are not satisfied with our work, we offer to redo it completely based on your observations, or to return you the full amount paid. We afford to offer this kind of guarantee because we are truly the best at what we do. Contact Precision Lawn & Landscape today to find out more, or to ask for a free estimate or quote!