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A beautiful large brick home with a great lawn and landscape in Woodbridge, VA.

Woodbridge, VA Lawn Care & Landscaping Services

From hardscape installation and landscaping to lawn care and irrigation, we can do it all.

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We offer lawn care and landscaping services to commercial and residential properties and HOAs in Woodbridge, VA.

Our team will keep your property looking beautiful with our lawn care and landscaping services.

Woodbridge, VA, is a census-designated place in Prince William County with a population of more than 42,500. Nestled along Belmont Bay, this community boasts beautiful natural sceneries! A great place to visit if you want to experience nature at its finest is the Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge, which features over 3 miles of hiking trails where you can discover a plethora of plant and bird species.

At Precision Lawn & Landscape, our team offers top-notch lawn care and landscaping services to commercial and residential properties and HOAs in Woodbridge, VA. From installing hardscapes and landscaping to cultivating healthy lawns and maintaining irrigation systems, we will work hard to ensure your property looks beautiful all year long!

We make landscapes look beautiful with our landscaping services.

Beautiful annual flowers and landscape plants in Woodbridge, VA.

A vibrant and pristine landscape can make your property in Woodbridge, VA, the best-looking one on your block. Fortunately, we offer professional landscaping services to help elevate your yard's aesthetics. Not only can we design your landscape but also install your desired annual flowers, trim and prune your plants, clean your gutters, illuminate your property at night, and many more! Check out all the landscaping services we offer:

Our commercial snow removal service helps business owners in Woodbridge, VA, increase safety on their properties during the snowy season.

Our hardscape design and installation services will take your outdoor living space to the next level.

A nice new patio made from pavers in and around Woodbridge, VA.

Hardscapes are excellent additions that will help you maximize your outdoor living space. Here at Precision Lawn & Landscape, we can take your property in Woodbridge, VA, to the next level by adding hardscape features with our design and installation services. You can rest assured all our hardscapes are made with excellent materials and built with our team's unparalleled attention to detail. We can design and build the following hardscapes:

Maintain Your Lawn's Optimum Health With Our Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

A healthy, green lawn can do wonders for your property's curb appeal, but it takes a lot of work to achieve. Fortunately, we're here to help! We'll maintain the optimum health of your grass with our lawn care services, then ensure it looks its best all year long with our lawn maintenance services.

Our irrigation services ensure your irrigation system is in prime condition.

An irrigation system watering a lawn from a sprinkler head in Woodbridge, VA.

If you want an irrigation system that works to meet the hydration needs of your lawn and plants, our irrigation installation service is just what you need. We can also keep your system in prime condition so it continues to work efficiently and deliver the water your vegetation needs to thrive. Here are all the irrigation services we provide:

We offer an irrigation system backflow testing service that ensures the water supply in your home or business in Woodbridge, VA, is safe for consumption.

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At Precision Lawn & Landscape, our landscaping, hardscape design and installation, lawn care and maintenance, and irrigation services are available to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Woodbridge, VA. We have been providing these services since 2006, and we have the skills, knowledge, and training to complete the job right every time. Call us today at (703) 244-6407 to enroll in any of our services!

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