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Trimming & Pruning in Woodbridge, Manassas, Dumfries, & Nearby Areas in Virginia

Maintain the health and appearance of your plants with our trimming and pruning service.

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Trimming & Pruning Service in & Around Woodbridge, Manassas & Dumfries, VA

We'll trim and prune your small trees, shrubs, and hedges to keep them in excellent shape.

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Trimming and pruning are often mistaken as simple tasks that involve cutting off plant branches here and there. However, it's more complicated than that, and our team at Precision Lawn & Landscape knows the proper way to do both these plant maintenance services to get you the best results. Our trimming process involves cutting back overgrown, stray branches on your small trees, shrubs, and hedges to restore their pristine aesthetics. Meanwhile, our pruning process begins with carefully assessing your plants before removing diseased, dead, and dying branches to preserve their health.

To keep your plants looking their best all year long, we will trim them three times - in March, June/July, and September/October. Then, we'll prune your plants sometime between January-February to help prepare them for spring. Our team offers our trimming and pruning service to commercial and residential properties and HOAs in Woodbridge, Manassas, Dumfries, VA, and nearby areas.

Our Trimming & Pruning Process

A professional is pruning a shrub for improved health near Dumfries, VA.

Much like how lawn mowing keeps your grass looking its best, we perform trimming and pruning to ensure your shrubs, hedges, and small trees are in prime condition. That way, healthy, beautiful plants adorn your property, enhancing its curb appeal. However, these services are not as straightforward as they may seem, and we follow a thorough process to ensure we trim and prune your plants right the first time. Here's how our trimming and pruning process goes:

  • Trimming is mainly for aesthetic purposes, as it restores your plants' neat and manicured appearance. So, we will cut back overgrowth and stray branches and twigs that are starting to make them look messy. Then, we'll define their shape for a clean, well-kept look.
  • Pruning is a more invasive process but much-needed for preserving the health of your plants. Because of this, our team will carefully assess your plants to pinpoint problematic areas. Then, we'll remove diseased, dead, or weak limbs and branches. This way, we can prevent any issues from spreading throughout the rest of the plant to encourage healthier growth!

We can trim and prune trees up to 8-9 feet tall!

When will we trim and prune your plants?

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At Precision Lawn & Landscape, we trim plants, hedges, bushes, and small trees three times a year; our team will visit your property in March, June/July, and September/October so we can regularly stay on top of their appearance and keep them well-maintained all year long! On the other hand, we only perform pruning in January-February because it's best to do so when the plants are dormant to avoid causing unnecessary harm. Winter pruning will also help prepare your plants for spring, as we'll remove any problem areas hindering their health so that they can be ready for new, fuller growth once the season arrives.

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If you want to give your plants some much-needed TLC, you can turn to our team at Precision Lawn & Landscape! We'll perform trimming and pruning to revitalize their aesthetic appearance and health so that they remain focal points for your landscape year after year! We offer our trimming and pruning service to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Woodbridge, Manassas, Dumfries, VA, and nearby areas. If you want a reliable team who can maintain the tip-top condition of your plants, give us a call today at (703) 244-6407 to schedule our trimming and pruning service.

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