Fall Mulching: Our Lawn Treatments Woodbridge VA Pros Share Their Tips

Most seasoned homeowners know plenty about mulch. It keeps the roots cold and moist. It nourishes the soil, keeps weeds at bay, and protects young plants and grasses from the harsh winter challenges. In case you think you should stop your lawn care and landscaping activities, our lawn service company in Woodbridge, VA, advises you to reconsider. If you still mow your lawn, water plants, aerate and overseed, etc., the next logical step is mulching. Today, our lawn treatment experts in Woodbridge, VA, are here to tell you all you need to know about applying fall mulch this season.

1. Prepare the Mulch on Your Property

Most people use straw and sawdust as organic mulch. Our specialists in lawn treatments in Woodbridge, VA, recommend you to avoid wasting organic material that you have at hand. We are talking about the fallen leaves on your property. Check them for signs of diseases, excess moisture, rot, mold, mildew, etc. If they look healthy, take your lawnmower and shred them before you collect them.

2. Clean the Areas You Want to Mulch

Before you mix the shredded leaves with straw or sawdust – or use them as they are –, clean the areas. Ensure that you collect all the spent vegetal debris in your flowerbeds, around trees, in vegetable gardens, etc. If they are healthy, use them in your compost pile. If they present rot, diseases, mold symptoms, and more, dispose of them. Ask our lawn treatment experts in Woodbridge, VA, for their help.

3. Implement Weed Control Programs

If you want your organic layer of mulch to help protect your lawn and landscape this year, make sure you remove the weeds from all your flowerbeds, garden beds, vegetable rows, and tree areas. In case you find it difficult, ask our local lawn fertilization and weed control pros in Woodbridge, VA, to apply a fall weed program. It is crucial to control weeds in the fall before you use the mulch. Those who leave weed seeds or seedlings under the mulch layer will have many issues on their hands come spring.

4. Apply the Layer of Mulch

You should apply the mulch considering the 3-3-3 rule. Always remember that a thicker mulch layer can lead to issues and diseases (fungal diseases mostly). If you are a beginner, ask our local lawn treatment experts in Woodbridge, VA, to give you a hand. Contact them for a free estimate and let them perform outstanding maintenance services on your property this fall!