A pool is an important element in many homeowner’s landscapes and if you don’t have one already, you may be thinking about installing one in the back yard. Pools need their own specialists to look and function properly, but when it comes to pool landscaping, our lawn care Dumfries VA specialists have no match.

Pool landscaping is quite difficult:

  • Plants need to be resilient to pool water chlorine and chemicals, as they get splashed frequently;
  • They need to withstand the humidity generated by pools;
  • They need to withstand sun, shade, roots confinement (as you usually plant them in pots, flower beds, retaining walls, etc.) and so on.

So if you have the pool, but you want to give it a heavenly finish, here are some plants you should consider.

1. Red Yucca

From May to October, this resilient and low-maintenance plant will keep you entertained with its grass-like leaves and its red flowering stalks.

2. Zebra Grass

Zebra grass is showy, with gorgeous horizontal stripes, bountiful, thick, rich, and lush. It can blend in with all other poolside plants you choose to use. It grows quickly and is not too messy. It will give your pool an exotic, tropical, and luxurious look and feel. It needs little maintenance, and it is quite resilient to pool water.

3. Angel’s Trumpet

You may already have Angel’s Trumpet on your property as a scented, amazing-looking ornamental, so why not get it closer to your pool as well? You can add Angel’s Trumpet to turn your pool area into a small corner of paradise in the shape of a shrub or tree. Our lawn care Dumfries VA specialists recommend you don’t put the ornamental in full scorching sun. Otherwise, enjoy your pool time in perfect colors, scents, and shade.

4. Azaleas

Our lawn care Dumfries VA pros recommend you keep azaleas planted in the back of a flower bed or used as a potted pool hedge, as they can grow quite big. Azaleas make incredible poolside plants as they are low maintenance and resilient to the pool’s micro-climate.

5. Monkey Grass

If you put your pool in a partial sunny and partial shady area, the latter may not be blessed with many flowers or ornamental plants to thrive. This is where the Monkey Grass comes in: it tolerates shade well, and it can be blended in any type of poolside landscape, especially in those shade areas where other plants have a hard time growing.

6. Echeveria Strictiflora

This is a Texas native Echeveria, but you can also go for the Echeveria runyonii – or the “Texas rose”. These succulent perennials come in lovely greens, pinks, reds, and yellows and are the top choice for rock gardens. However, they make a brilliant low-maintenance display by your poolside as well, especially if you blend them in with some ornamental grasses. The overall landscape may look minimalistic, but if you listen to our lawn care Dumfries VA specialists you will enjoy a resilient, velvety and colored pool landscape in no time.