Yard Preparation Tasks from Our Lawn Care Woodbridge VA Pros

It is almost time to clean and store your gardening tools and equipment, but that time has not arrived just yet. You have plenty of things to do even if winter is upon us. Today, our lawn care Woodbridge, VA experts are here to offer you some tips on how to approach yard preparation. Keep in mind that all the activities listed below contribute to your lawn and landscape’s healthy thriving next spring. So, let’s see what our lawn care service providers have to say about late fall preparations without further ado!

Top Tasks to Perform in Late Fall

One of the most crucial tasks you need to perform is fall clean up in Woodbridge, VA. It is an ongoing chore, as dry leaves do not fall on the ground all at once. In other words, you need to keep your garden rake close and make sure you collect as many fallen leaves as you can. Our spring & fall clean-ups experts in Woodbridge, VA, recommend you to gather this vegetal debris and use it for mulch or compost. In case you do not need all these leaves and want to bag them and throw them away, we encourage you to use biodegradable bags. However, you have other tasks to complete until the first heavy snow or frost, so let’s see them!

  • Clean the vegetal debris from flowerbeds and veggie gardens. In case you forgot to remove old vegetables, plant stems, twigs, or branches, now it is time to solve this problem. Our lawn care experts in Woodbridge, VA, recommend you to collect these vegetal leftovers and use them in your compost pile.
  • It is a crucial task to perform this season if you haven’t done it until now. Aeration prevents water pooling on the ground, favoring fertilizers and other soil amendments to reach the roots.
  • Fertilization and weed control. Talk to our specialists in lawn care in Woodbridge, VA, about removing the remaining weeds from your lawn and landscape and discouraging new weeds from emerging in the spring.
  • You should add a fresh layer of mulch in your flowerbeds, around trees, in your veggie garden, etc. In case you already applied organic mulch, you may consider refreshing it.
  • Trimming and pruning. Our lawn care specialists in Woodbridge, VA, recommend you to cut back shrubs’ rogue branches and overgrowths.

If you need help with these late fall yard tasks, call our lawn care service providers in Woodbridge, VA! They will offer their assistance with the last chores you have to perform before winter settles in.