Lawn care Woodbridge VA Experts Offer Money-Saving Tips for the Yard

Lawn care Woodbridge VA experts offer money-saving tips to consumers who want to keep their yards healthy and beautiful. First, do a walk-through of your yard and make sure the existing lawn, plants, trees, and shrubs look green and healthy. It is expensive to remove dead or diseased plants and trees, therefore keep costs down by protecting what you already have.

To save money on materials, look for free tree and plant giveaways in April in conjunction with Arbor Day or Earth Day celebrations. Some towns and cities also give away free mulch, compost, and trees. You can also, check with your local agricultural extension offices.

Purchasing small plants, trees, and shrubs is another way to save, as a seedling costs a fraction of what a more mature plant costs.

When it comes to proper lawn care, Woodbridge VA homeowners should take note of these “bang for your buck” tips:

  • Create clean bed lines and mulch. Properly edged beds and new mulch will go a long way to improving the way your yard looks.
  • Plant new trees and shrubs. Remove or replace any dead or dying trees or shrubs.
  • Add color. A well-designed container at the front entry will add a burst of energy and warmth at your front door. A flowering plant around a curbside mailbox will give your yard a finished look.
  • Pay attention to your lawn. Mow, edge, and trim your lawn, and get rid of the weeds. Purchase and install sod in areas where there are bald spots.

For complicated jobs, such as new landscape design and installation, turf installation, irrigation, lighting projects, or dealing with diseased plants, many people choose to hire a professional. Contact us today if you need professional Woodbridge VA lawn care assistance.