The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the trees are turning a vibrant green. Spring is here, and that means it’s time to breathe life back into your landscaping. By caring for your lawn and landscape now, you avoid many landscaping issues that arise due to the harsh heat of summer.

Without further ado, here’s your complete guide on caring for your landscape this spring!

Schedule a Spring Cleanup

Winter has left the building (or should we say yard?)! And that means your landscaping is entering a new growth period. You can help your grass, plants, and trees grow in a healthy manner by scheduling spring cleanup services from a professional landscaping company.

During this appointment, your landscaping team will prune perennials and shrubs, fertilize planting beds, remove dieback from cold-damaged plants, and even clean your gutters! With these all-important spring landscaping tasks completed, you can sit back and await the vibrant transformation of your lawn and landscape.

Aerate Your Lawn

After the cold and snow of the winter season, your yard’s soil is tightly packed down. This makes it challenging for the roots of your grass to get the air and nutrients they need. By aerating your lawn, you pull up small cores from the soil, allowing air, water, and other nutrients to meet the roots of your grass. By summer, you will have a healthy, green lawn.

Get Weeds Under Control

Spring is the perfect time to get pesky weeds under control. Say goodbye to chickweed, white clover, crabgrass, and other common Northern Virginia weeds with professional lawn treatment services. Your landscaping experts will apply pre-emergent weed control to ensure your beautiful yard isn’t overtaken by weeds come summertime.

Test Your Irrigation System

Once summer rolls in, you will want to keep your grass, trees, and shrubs well-watered. Make sure your irrigation system is up to the challenge by testing it mid to late spring. If you notice issues when you turn it on or after it has been running for a little while, get in touch with irrigation system specialists. They can help you with any repairs and even install entirely new systems.

Add a Pop of Color

Spring is well-known for the growth of vibrant flowers, shrubs, and trees. Incorporate some of this spring color into your landscaping by planting flowers with colors that complement the style and color of your house. This is also the perfect time to add variety to your landscaping. Consider planting ornamental trees, shrubs, or succulents as eye-popping focal points.

Create a Space for Relaxing

Since you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into your landscape design, it’s only right that you are able to enjoy it up close and personal. This spring, consider having a patio installed in your backyard. A patio with chairs and a paved pathway can expand your outdoor living space, providing you with the space to soak up the beauty of your landscape and entertain guests.

Caring for Your Lawn During Spring

We understand the desire to jump feet first into a landscaping project, but sometimes it’s best to call on landscape professionals to bring your lawn to life. Whether you want to plant shrubbery or construct a new patio, the professionals at Precision Lawn & Landscape will ensure your landscape matches your preferences and looks beautiful. Contact our team today to discuss how we can help you bring your landscape to life this spring.