Weeds are some of the worst issues all homeowners have to deal with throughout the year. We also have to deal with pests, extreme weather conditions, storms, and whatnot, but sometimes, it seems that we fight a never-ending, unwinnable battle. For this reason, experts in agriculture and horticulture came up with pre-emergent weed treatments. Such interventions are there to smother annoying weeds before they germinate and give your lawns and landscapes indispensable backing. Unfortunately, not all homeowners know everything about pre-emergent weed control, making mistakes, and jeopardizing their lawns. Our experts in lawn treatments in Montclair, VA, are here to offer you some info on this lawn care intervention, so you know what to do and to expect.

The Ideal Time for Pre-Emergent Weed Control

It depends on the types of weeds usually growing on your property. Some weeds like annual bluegrass, filaree, or chickweed need very early interventions (late winter). If you want professional crabgrass control in Montclair, VA, you need a team of experts to measure the soil temperature. Specialists agree that the proper soil temperature should be about 50-55 degrees for around five days in a row for pre-emergent weed control to work.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Herbicides

When using pre-emergent treatments – and any herbicides for that matter – you need to consider the substances you use. The EPA certifies and regulates all the herbicides used in the United States, but it doesn’t mean they are good because you can find the products in stores.

Our experts in lawn treatments in Montclair, VA, want to share some information with you regarding the substances used in such interventions:

  • Selective herbicides aim to kill a select category of weeds – usually broadleaf weeds. However, if you need crabgrass control in Montclair, VA, you might need nonselective herbicides.
  • Nonselective herbicides will probably kill everything they touch, including the fresh grass seeds you added to your lawn after overseeding.

So what do you do? The last thing you want is to pour chemicals on your lawn. Have your local team of lawn care service providers in Montclair, VA, assess your lawn and use customized blends of herbicides for safe and efficient pre-emergent weed control.

Never Apply Pre-Emergent Control to Overseeded Lawns

Before applying any pre-emergent weed control, wait at least sixty days if you just seeded a new lawn or overseeded last year’s one. Your lawn treatments experts in Montclair, VA, can help you with both overseeding, pre-emergent control, and all other spring tasks so you can enjoy the best results!