People who think that lawn care and landscaping take a break during winter should reconsider. Now, more than ever, lawn service companies are at their busiest times, and you should schedule some activities while you still can. Winter is a troublesome season, coming with plenty of tasks for the homeowner who wants a neat, clean, and safe property throughout the season. Such chores are also dangerous to some extent and require professional interventions. Today, our experts in lawn care in Montclair, VA, are here to tell you what activities are the most popular among homeowners during the cold season.

  1. Property Maintenance. The vegetation is asleep in winter, but it does not mean you don’t have plenty of things to do. Our specialists in lawn care in Montclair, VA, can help you with the following tasks: leaf and vegetal debris removal, shrub & tree trimming, flowerbed maintenance, lawn aeration & overseeding, fertilization, outdoor furniture removal and storage, raking, and even weed control;
  2. Irrigation Installation Winterization. Our lawn service in Montclair, VA, can help you drain the sprinklers, check the irrigation installation, winterize the system, and more;
  3. Gutter Cleaning Services. In case you didn’t know, gutter cleaning is mandatory if you want peace of mind during winter. A professional lawn care service in Montclair, VA, can help you with this daunting and rather dangerous task any time you want;
  4. Snow Removal. When snow and frost hit the land hard, you should be lucky to find prompt services to remove the snow so you can still have freedom of movement. Our experts in lawn care in Montclair, VA, can help you with this task. Removing snow from driveways, walkways, and parking lots is difficult, and you cannot always rely on the city to send the plows on time.
  5. Mulching and Weed Control. It may seem like nothing, but winter weed control is crucial to keep a healthy lawn until spring. Ask our specialists in lawn care in Montclair, VA, to come by, check on your property and landscape, and take immediate measures in case they notice winter weeds. Moreover, applying mulch and refreshing the existing mulch layer is also essential to keep your vegetation safe and your soil nourished.

If you want our lawn care company’s professional services in Montclair, VA, feel free to contact us and ask for a free estimate. Our lawn service is ready to help you with everything you need. Just make sure you schedule some activities in due time!