Properties with the best looking lawns generally fetch a pretty good price on the market. People want to live in homes where they have access to a beautiful outdoor area that they can use for parties and celebrations and moments of relaxation. But beyond enhancing lifestyles, the best lawns also contribute to cooler homes during summers. The thing about lawns, though, is that they can be a lot of work to maintain.

From cutting and cleaning to watering and feeding, lawns require the best of care. Without the right lawn care, Montclair VA residents should know, the green outdoor space will be overrun with weeds and ruin curb appeal for any property. If you need some help, try the following tips for a greener, better lawn.

Know the Basics

Watering and mowing — there is a right way of doing both things. When you overdo it, in your haste to take care of your lawn, your yard may become vulnerable to weeds and diseases. So know the basics first.

When you water, do so in the morning and never in the evening. Nighttime watering can leave water sitting on the thatch, which creates the optimum environment for diseases. Also, instead of watering every day, water deeply using a schedule. Virginia’s Division of Water Resources has a guide that varies according to weather conditions and locations.

For example, Northern Virginia residents can water their lawns differently from residents of Southern Virginia. What this means is that the lawn care Montclair VA residents practice may differ from that in other parts of Virginia.

Another key lawn care practice is mowing. The basic care is easy to remember: Never mow more than 1/3 of your grass. Cutting more off the top could leave your soil exposed to more sunlight and create more room for weed seeds to thrive.

Know your Limitations

While caring for your lawn on your own can be relaxing (and, depending on the size and features, give you a great workout), there are some things that may be better handled by professionals and experts in lawn care. Montclair VA residents could easily get more out of their yards by choosing the right lawn treatment services.

From maintenance to re-landscaping, the right lawn care services will keep your front yards greener and better. Best of all, you won’t have to do any backbreaking work. And you will be left with one beautiful lawn that elevates the look and value of your property, while giving you plenty of outdoor fun.