Our landscaping experts in Dumfries VA are here today to offer some mid-spring landscaping tips and give you a hand with your chores. After all, a lush, green, and healthy landscape need a professional hand, especially after all those long cold months.

1. Start Planning

Discuss with your local landscaping specialists in Dumfries VA about schedules and activities. If you do not start with the right foot, your landscape may suffer damages and become vulnerable to threats. Our experts can first come down for a thorough evaluation of your yard and garden. They will inspect the property and note all the things that need immediate intervention. It is crucial to know if your trees, shrubs, or valuable ornamentals need post-winter damage control and treatments.

2. Mid-Spring Activities that Your Landscape Needs This Month

If your lawn requires mowing and the grass can handle a treatment, you should ask your local landscaping specialists in Dumfries VA to give you a hand with evening and edging your lawn for a beautiful, neat look. If the soil is still soggy and the landscape presents bare spots, your technicians may recommend top-dressing besides dethatching and aeration. Here are some other maintenance activities to discuss with your landscaping provider in Dumfries, VA:

  • Raking the lawn and collecting the vegetal debris;
  • Dethatching and core soil aeration, so the grasses and plants receive the proper amounts of oxygen, warmth, water, and fertilizers;
  • Crabgrass control and other pre-emergent and post-emergent weed interventions should become a priority;
  • Besides mowing, your lawn may need watering; ask your local landscaping experts in Dumfries, VA, to inspect (or even install) an irrigation system on your property.
  • Make plans with the family to plant a vegetable garden, build the dog or the birds’ new houses, make a fairy garden for the little ones, or add some playground elements for the children. When it comes to landscape design in Dumfries, VA, our landscape architects and builders will work with you on the project until you see your dreams come true before your eyes.
  • Pests might thrive during this time of year, so keep your focus on them and discuss with your landscaping providers in Dumfries VA about keeping them at bay;

3. Make Plans

Discuss with your landscaping experts in Dumfries, VA, about the upcoming activities to schedule and implement. Now that spring is here and summer is just around the corner, you will need all the help you can get!