Lawn care and landscape maintenance are permanent issues for all homeowners needing to have true patches of Heaven on their properties. Fall makes no exception: whereas nature envelops your property in painter’s colors, scents, and hums, you should continue to take some correct early fall measures to be sure your landscape will face the colder season. Today, our experts in landscaping Dumfries, VA, are here to provide you with some quick and simple tips to implement this month.

1. Soil Testing

If experts tested your soil in early spring – and we hope they did –, you understand the drill: you’ve got to call your landscaping contractor in Dumfries, VA, to perform an intensive soil test. You wish to determine the soil’s pH scale levels, fertilization needs, drought-induced issues, drainage problems, etc. Based on these results, you may develop an additional plan for your entire landscape this fall.

2. Aeration & Overseeding

You already performed this task in spring, maybe, but early fall continues to be a proper time for aeration. If the soil has nutrients deficiencies, aeration lets the substances reach deep into the roots’ systems. Also, sun, air, and water are absorbed higher and stores for future months. Finally, don’t forget to reseed the lawn properly.

3. Irrigation

Early fall comes with some stress for your evergreens, which require some extra water in September and October. Ask your local landscaping company in Dumfries, VA, to tailor you a watering schedule following your landscape’s needs for irrigation and the current weather forecast.

4. Weed Management

Early fall is a great season to use pre-emergence herbicides to counter fall weeds’ attacks. Have your local expert lawn treatments company come up with an early fall weed management program. Of course, you could pull the weeds yourself, but proper September fertilization and weed control does involve using some herbicides.

5. Mulching

As a final tip, in early fall, you ought to flip the mulch or downright replace/renew it to add a healthy boost of nutrients to your flower beds and trees and revamp the landscape in a more modern design. Let our landscaping company in Dumfries, VA help you select the best mulch for your needs. Organic mulch does wonders to your plants, while synthetic one plays a more decorative role in other parts of your landscape. In addition, a brand new layer of mulch fertilizes the soil and keeps pests and weeds away; therefore, you should take it seriously.

For help and support with early fall activities, count on our local specialists in landscaping in Dumfries, VA!