In winter, we all have less work to do outdoors, and we all enjoy the time off to relax and have some fun. However, you should not neglect the lawn and landscape altogether during the cold season. Some of your trees and plants need you now more than ever, while the soil will significantly benefit from your attention. Today, our team is here to share with you 5 winter tips for lawn care in Dumfries VA and some suggestions on how to prep the property for the upcoming spring!

1. Do not Forget about National Mail Order Gardening Month!

January is THE month for gardeners. If you were considering new tools, supplies, and accessories for your landscape, you can take advantage of the offers and check your shopping list!

2. Yard and Landscape Cleaning is Mandatory

We know people do not enjoy working outside when it is cold and windy, but do not neglect your responsibilities either. When you have some dry and warm days, take the rake and clean the lawn of dead/diseased leaves and vegetal debris. They entertain mold, fungi, weeds, and pests, so frequent cleaning keeps your property safe and healthy.

3. Ask our Specialists on Lawn Care in Dumfries VA for Help

Some winter lawn maintenance tasks require the presence, expertise, and tools of professionals. Our experts in lawn care in Dumfries VA can answer your questions (and offer suggestions) on the following topics:

  • Winter soil aeration – do it if you have clay or compacted soil with poor drainage. Use an aerator or a garden fork to dig the aeration holes and allow water to infiltrate deep instead of puddling above ground.
  • Winter soil testing – this is more of spring activity, but you can begin early to learn what nutrients your soil lacks and what you can do to solve the problem before it becomes severe. Our lawn care service in Dumfries VA suggests using homemade compost and organic mulches to boost the soil’s health and protect the plants.
  • Winter pruning and trimming – we talked about the benefits of winter pruning and trimming of trees and shrubs. Besides this activity, you should also consider inspecting the wires and stakes of your newly planted trees, and the addition of new stakes for leggy plants.
  • Winter vegetation protection – besides winterizing your roses, our lawn care Dumfries VA experts recommend you also use burlap to cover sensitive trees and shrubs, protecting them against the wind and heavy snow.

4. Mind the Salt

Many people use salt to de-ice their yards, driveways, patios, garden walkways, and so on. In case you did not know, salt is highly damaging for the soil and the roots/bulbs lying dormant within it. Our experts in lawn care in Dumfries VA suggest you to use some sand instead of salt for the icy patches of your lawn and turn to safer, organic de-icing methods for your asphalt and concrete areas.

5. Walk Carefully

You have a handful of things to do in January, as you can see. Nevertheless, before we depart, we have to warn you that heavy lawn traffic is harmful to the grasses. The more you stump on the frozen lawn, the more you risk of crashing the turf blades. In spring, you will get brown and bare patches of turf, and it will be hard to fix them.

Ask our specialists in lawn care Dumfries VA for more tips and suggestions on winter lawn care! They are always glad to help!