Water Clogging Solving Tips from Our Lawn Care Montclair VA Company

Is your yard forming puddles and muddy areas every time it rains? You might have some drainage issues to tackle before it is too late. If your soil gets squishy and slippery when you walk on it after every rain, it is time to think about water-clogging treatments. We have discussed damaged lawns before, emphasizing that the more you let them be without interventions, the more you risk. Today, our experts in lawn care in Montclair, VA, are here to offer you some tips on how to prevent and fix water clogging in your yard before the drainage problems irremediably affect your grasses and plants.

5 Prevention Solutions to Alleviate Water Clogging Problems

As always, prevention is key in lawn care and landscaping. You may have gone through some spring and early summer rains or storms by now, so you know how important it is to prevent further drainage issues. According to our lawn care company in Montclair, VA, here is what you need to do:

  • Aeration – ask our lawn care providers in Montclair, VA, to aerate the moist soil (you let it dry naturally for a couple of days). Aeration helps with compacted and clay soil, allowing water to drain, air and sunlight to reach deep, and grasses to develop stronger roots.
  • Topdressing the soil – lawns prone to water clogging need special top dressing made with horticultural sand and compost after you aerated them. The combination allows better drainage and promotes beneficial bacteria and worms to loosen up the soil even more.
  • Digging ditches – a ditch is the best solution to prevent further water clogs on your property. Ensure you armor the ditches’ sides with stones and landscape fabric for a pleasing visual effect and more functionality.
  • Installing French drains – ask our lawn care provider in Montclair, VA, to offer assistance with this matter. A well-installed French drain helps with redirecting the water from your problematic areas. It also requires the presence of nearby slopes to help the water gain a positive flow.
  • Add plants that can “consume” the excess water. We know you love your flat, green, and lush lawn, but water clogging is an issue you cannot ignore. Talk to our lawn care experts in Montclair, VA, about adding water-loving trees, shrubs, or other plants that can stabilize the soil, feed on the excess water, and add some oomph to your yard’s design.

For more information and help with wet zones on your property, call our lawn care company in Montclair, VA, for a free estimate, assessment, and outstanding services!