To Save Money on Lawn Care, Dale City VA Homeowners Should Take Note of These Water Saving Tips

Today our Dale City VA lawn care professionals would like to offer some tips on saving both water and money while caring for your lawn. Water can be conserved using proper watering techniques. Our experts remind consumers that a healthy lawn and landscape are good for the environment and help minimize the effects of greenhouse gases. Healthy turf and plants take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. The following tips will help aid in keeping your lawn and landscape healthy during summer drought and heat:

  • Know when to water. Water early in the morning when temperatures are cooler. Do not water on windy days to minimize evaporation. Also, most established gardens do not need water more than twice a week.
  • Care for your grass. Maintain adequate fertility and proper soil pH and aerate your lawn. Keep weeds and insects under control because thin, weed-infested turf sequesters less carbon dioxide and releases less oxygen. Weeds compete with other plants for nutrients, light, and water.
  • Plant thoughtfully. The next time you install a flower or shrub, choose a low water use plant for year-round landscape color and save up to 550 gallons of water each year. Use a layer of organic mulch around plants to reduce evaporation and save thousands of gallons of water each year.
  • Add water-saving tools. Install a drip irrigation system around your trees and shrubs to water more efficiently. Consider installing rain barrels to retain rainwater for later use in the garden.

Be patient regarding your Dale City VA lawn care. Under severe stress conditions, your lawn goes into a dormant state, not unlike winter dormancy, for protection from the effects of Mother Nature. With continued care, rich green coloring and resilience will return when moisture and more favorable growing conditions prevail.