Tips to Use Fallen Leaves this Season from our Lawn Treatments Montclair VA Pros

As we said on previous occasions, bagging and throwing away fallen leaves from your lawn is a waste of perfectly good organic material. Our lawn treatments experts in Montclair, VA, specialists are here today to share some tips regarding the use of the leaves that inadvertently fill your front or back yard. New homeowners may use these pieces of advice for lawn maintenance this year. In case you need more advice on mulch installations in Montclair, VA, remember that our technicians are here to help!

1. Mulch for Your Flowerbeds, Veggie Garden, and Trees

We have talked about mulching installation in Montclair, VA, before, but this time we will focus on the dry material you can collect almost daily. Use your lawnmower at its highest cutting setting to shred the fallen leaves on your lawn. Just make sure they do not present signs of mold, mildew, or diseases. Once you have a pile of shredded leaves, use them as they are to add a layer of mulch in your flowerbeds, vegetable garden, around trees, shrubs, and ornamentals.

As our lawn treatments service provider in Montclair, VA recommends, one tip you should consider is storing dry shredded leaves in bags to replenish the mulch layer throughout the cold season. As you know, organic mulch decomposes fast, and you have to reapply a fresh layer frequently.

2. Soil Conditioner for the Lawn

If you have the mulch problem covered, you can consider turning your fallen leaves into soil conditioner. The process is similar to making mulch. Our lawn treatments experts in Montclair, VA, recommend the following:

  • Use the lawnmower to shred the leaves as instructed above, but make sure you pass it over the fallen leaves carpet multiple times until you get tiny bits of leaves.
  • Let the leaves on the ground to break down quickly and act as a soil conditioner. They will protect the plants from cold, nourish the soil, and serve as a soil amendment throughout the cold season.

3. Insulation for the Outdoor Structures

As our mulching installation experts in Montclair, VA, recommend, you should keep a few bags of dry leaves to make more mulch for your garden, lawn, and landscape throughout the cold season. You can keep the bags to use as insulation for the colder areas in your house, garden sheds, and other outdoor structures.

If you need more information on using organic material on your property, don’t hesitate to contact our lawn treatment pros in Montclair, VA!