Fall & Spring Cleanup Services Woodbridge VA

Precision Lawn and Landscape in Woodbridge, VA, handles seasonal Spring and Fall lawn cleanup servicesIn spring, fresh grass needs water, sunlight and nutrients, in order to properly grow and develop. In the fall, fallen leaves must be cleared out so that they don’t prevent the grass from storing up the nutritious substances it needs in order to make it through the winter.

That is why we make spring and fall clean up services available to anyone who is looking to have their yard maintained in the best shape possible. We will remove all fallen branches from your property and dispose of all the debris that needs to be removed from your yard in order to get it ready for spring or winter.

During the fall season, the fallen leaves of trees mesmerize property owners with their beautiful colors. However, if the fallen foliage is left to rot on the ground, it can create problems for your lawn. For starters, the leaf carpet can block the access of sunlight and oxygen to the blades of grass. This humid environment is conducive for the apparition of diseases such as fungi and mold.

This is why it is important to properly remove all leaves in spring, fall, or whenever else you may need such a service. Upon your request, our technicians will remove all the leaves from your property and pay special attention to cleaning out your flower beds.

Leaf Removal Cost

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