Fall & Spring Cleanup Services in Woodbridge, VA

Precision Lawn and Landscape in Woodbridge, VA, handles seasonal Spring and Fall lawn cleanup services

In autumn, falling leaves mesmerize property owners with all of their beautiful colors. However, if the fallen foliage is left to rot on the ground, it can create problems for your lawn. Similarly, in springtime, dead branches and debris from winter should be removed from your yard promptly. That’s why we offer fall and spring cleanup services in and around Woodbridge, VA, including:

  • Manassas
  • Manassas Park
  • Lake Ridge
  • Montclair
  • Dumfries
  • Triangle
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“Leaf” Fall Cleanup to Us

The benefits far outweigh the price when it comes to leaf removal costs. This is because keeping dead leaves on your lawn too long might be doing real damage to your property, meaning that not doing leaf removal costs the life of your grass and plants!

A carpet of leaves can:

  • Block sunlight and oxygen from reaching your grass
  • Cause dampness problems such as fungi and mold
  • Hide patches of lawn thatch (dead grass) that need to be removed ASAP
  • Harbor leaves that contain diseases dangerous to your trees and plants

This is why it is important to properly remove all leaves in the fall. Upon your request, our technicians will remove all the leaves from your property and pay special attention to cleaning out your flower beds.

Don’t Skip Spring Cleaning!

It’s crucial to your yard’s health to remove dead leaves from your lawn during fall, but did you know the spring yard cleanup services we offer are just as important?

Spring yard cleanup costs are very reasonable, and cleaning your yard in the springtime to prepare for the rest of the year goes a long way:

  • Prepare your yard for the summer and fall
  • Ensure your yard stays greener longer
  • Promote healthy plant growth on your property

We will remove all fallen branches from your property and dispose of all the debris that needs to be removed from your yard in order to get it ready for the upcoming growing season.

Seasonal Checklist

When you book our fall and spring cleanup services in Woodbridge, VA, you might want to take advantage of our other services. While they are not included in the standard fall and spring yard cleanup costs, they are still especially important to book in the spring and fall!

Gutter cleaning

Your gutters help rainwater drain from your roof. Leaves and debris from trees tend to collect in and around gutters and block this drainage, causing problems. Include gutter cleaning in your spring yard cleanup services this year and see the difference; plus, you’ll be protecting your roof!


Mulching helps during both fall and spring cleanup services by protecting your plants from extreme temperatures, preserving moisture, and adding nutrients.


Make planting new shrubs, bushes, and flowers part of your spring preparation.

Lawn treatment

Prevent old weeds from growing back and new weeds from growing in by getting your lawn treated and protected.

Pruning and trimming

Trimming and pruning shrubs and bushes helps them grow strong and healthy.

Contact Us for Fall & Spring Cleanup Services in Woodbridge, VA, and Beyond

Even if you don’t book fall and spring cleanup services, Woodbridge, VA, and the other areas we service — including Manassas, Montclair, Dumfries, Manassas Park, Lake Ridge, and Triangle — still experience weather changes that present challenges to homeowners who want to take care of their lawn and property. That’s why we offer the following additional services:

For more information about booking fall and spring cleanup services — or any of our other offerings — in or around Woodbridge, VA, contact us today!