Post-Reseeding Mistakes: Our Lawn Care Experts in Woodbridge VA Share Their Tips

Spring overseeding is efficient and successful, provided you make the most common mistakes homeowners make after they complete the tasks. More than just covering bare and dry lawn spots, reseeding is a seasonal lawn care activity ensuring a lush, thick turf to last all year long.  However, our lawn care experts in Woodbridge, VA, noticed that many homeowners make five common mistakes right after they overseeded their yards. To avoid damaging the seedlings and ensuring a healthy lawn, they are here to offer you a short guide on what to do (or not to do) after you reseeded.

1. You Don’t Protect Your Lawn Enough

People, cars, and pets should steer clear from a freshly overseeded lawn for a couple of weeks. Physical trauma damages the seedlings, minimizing their chance to germinate and become the strong, lush turf you want so much. Talk to our lawn care company in Woodbridge, VA, about an evaluation after 2-3 weeks to understand the seedlings’ state of development.

2. You Don’t Water the Lawn Properly

Our lawn care Woodbridge, VA service providers, are hard to contradict when it comes to irrigation. In most circumstances, you need to water the newly overseeded lawn daily, two times a day. Of course, an irrigation system should do the trick without wasting your time, effort, or money. If you can’t water according to this schedule, at least keep ¼ inch of the soil’s surface moist permanently.

3. You Perform Lawn Mowing at the Wrong Times

Our technicians insist you mow the lawn only after the new blades reached their recommended mowing height – depending on their varieties. Generally speaking, industry standards recommend you allow the seedlings to develop strong roots and blades. Leave the lawnmower be for at least up to four weeks after you reseeded.

4. You Use Chemicals on the Lawn

Weeds will show up right after you overseeded the lawn. Please don’t fall into the temptation of getting rid of them with fertilizer and other chemical herbicides. Call your local lawn care Woodbridge, VA specialists to implement a proper weed control treatment on your property once the seedlings became strong enough to resist the chemical treatments.

5. You Don’t Ask for Help

Overseeding is a complex task, and you need to care for your lawn before and after completing a full reseeding session. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Instead of experimenting with your landscape, have our lawn care experts in Woodbridge, VA take care of things for you with guaranteed results!