Our Experts in Lawn Care in Montclair VA on the Importance of Spring Mulching

Our experts in lawn care in Montclair, VA, have agreed on sharing some of their knowledge on spring mulching and why it is so important for a thriving lawn and backyard. Mulching is an often-overlooked step when it comes to spring lawn maintenance. But if done right, mulching can bring a myriad of benefits to your lawn in a completely natural and organic way.

Spring Mulching Benefits

Mulching is usually done in fall as vegetation is preparing for the winter slumber and the organic waste has more time to break down and release nutrients into the soil. However, mulching should be also done in spring because of its many benefits, but only with a high-quality mulch.

Spring mulching’s benefits:

  • Mulch cushions the soil and keeps it warm on cold days and cool in the summer, which is tremendously beneficial for the plants
  • It helps retain soil moisture by preventing rapid water evaporation
  • Mulch can successfully replace toxic fertilizers because it nourishes the soil in an all-natural, non-aggressive way (your kids, pets, and groundwater will all thank you later)
  • Mulch can suppress weed seed germination so that you don’t shell out any extra cash for expensive and often toxic herbicides.

Mulching Done Right

Spring mulching should always be done after the last cold days of winter have passed. If you do it too early, it can do more harm to your lawn than good. For instance, a premature mulch may encourage the green growth on your lawn too early, which will make the lawn less likely to be able to properly cope with drought or other type of stress in summer.

Moreover, adding mulch too soon to the soil might keep it cool for too long which will discourage proper root growth in the coming months.

Another rule of thumb is applying the mulch at the right depths and with proper hydration, so that it doesn’t become a hotbed for mold or other types of persistent fungi. Also, mulch should be prepared in advance by leaving the organic mass collected in fall to rest a few months so that it properly decomposes into the much-sought-after nitrogen that will keep your grass grow vigorous, lush and green.

If you didn’t compost the leaf litter or other organic mass last fall, you can use a lawn mower to shred the organic waste into spring mulch. However, make sure that the leaves are bone dry when adding them to the shredder and ensure that they are shredded as tiny as possible so that they can decompose faster in the soil.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Our Experts in Lawn Care in Montclair VA for Help

If you’re new to mulching and need assistance with mulch installation in your lawn, garden, or backyard, our lawn care experts in Montclair VA have all the tools you need. They use only high-quality dyed mulch and know the proper depths at which it should be worked into soil and the right humidity. They will also be showing up only on the days with no rain in the forecast for the mulch to have enough time to dry out.

And while you’re at it, you can also ask our experts for professional assistance with weed prevention or flowerbed edging and redefining. Feel free to contact us by filling out our Contact Form or ask for a Free Estimate of our lawn services here or simply call us at 703-244-6407 (it is the fastest).