Irrigation Services Woodbridge VA

Precision Lawn and Landscape in Woodbridge, VA, can install or repair sprinklers and irrigation systems for lawnsOur professional irrigation service includes irrigation repairs & maintenance.

It’s important to hire professionals for the repair and maintenance of your irrigation system. With experience and expertise, our crew is able to fine tune sprinklers for proper coverage of each zone across your lawn & landscape. Properly adjusted zone coverage will ensure that the exact amount of water will reach your lawn and landscapes. Too much water is just as harmful as not enough, so our systems are designed for maximum efficiency and precision.

Spring Turn On Service

In the spring, when our technicians visit your property to turn on your irrigation system we perform all necessary services to get your system up and going.

Included in this package is:

  • Reestablish the flow of water
  • Inspect and reinstall your back-flow hardware
  • Inspect and clean flush all valves
  • Adjust and align all sprinkler heads and spray rotors for proper coverage
  • Inspect both the main water supply line and individual zones for any leaks
  • Configure system control program with our recommended spring time water-efficient scheduling

Full Season Package

For clients that would like to take advantage of priority scheduling, discounted repairs, and automatic turn on and turn off service, this is the package for you!

Included in this package is:

  • Priority Spring Turn On Service and Assessment
  • Discounted Repairs throughout the season as needed
  • Automatic Priority Winterization Scheduling and System blow out service in the fall

For both packages, our Basic Turn On Service includes up to 12 separate zones, while our Extended Turn On Service covers up to 20 separate zones. During Spring Turn On Service, if repairs are found to be needed, 45 minutes of repair time is included with your service, while extra time is billed separately.

Control Your Irrigation System from Anywhere with a Smart Irrigation Controller Upgrade

Are you interested in saving money on your water bill and gaining the power to control your irrigation system no matter where you are? Would you like to be able to control your irrigation system from your phone? Then a smart controller may be your solution!

Smart Controller benefits include:

  • More efficient use of water by only watering when its needed through the power of weather forecasting, built in rain sensors and zone changes based on season and water requirements.
  • Adjust settings on the go through an intuitive smart controller app that allows you to control your watering schedule through the WiFi of your phone!

Smart Control Installation includes: 

  • Old Controller removal
  • Smart controller installation
  • Custom programming to your specific lawn water requirements and goals for your lawn.

These controllers are designed to pay for themselves with the savings in water over time.

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