Invisible Threats: Experts in Lawn Care in Montclair VA Share Their Tips on Overwintering Pests

In winter, most homeowners do not concern themselves with pests or significant lawn maintenance activities. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have things to worry about, even in the cold season. Among such issues, overwintering pests are a problem. Our lawn service in Montclair VA discusses today such threats.

Chinch Bugs

In winter, chinch bugs prefer the anonymity offered by dead trees, logs, and grass base. They hide there, waiting for warmer times. If the temperatures are optimal and you still have some turf on your property, you might see dry patches and signs of draught – which are odd in winter.

Our lawn maintenance experts in Montclair VA suggest you should keep your lawn and garden healthy and clean all winter long. Remove all vegetal debris from the ground, rake dead leaves, remove thatch, etc. Chinch bugs are highly destructive, and they will have a field day in spring if you do not limit their existence and activity in winter.


Extremely difficult to remove and deal with on your own, the larvae love to hide deep down in the ground during winter. There, they patiently wait for spring to arrive so they can destroy your grasses and plants. If left alone, grubs can turn into some of the most damaging lawn insects in existence: the Japanese beetle or the European chaffer.

While our lawn care experts in Montclair VA can help you with their spring lawn care program that deals with grubs as well, there is little you can do in winter. Just look for skunks and moles if they seem to prefer your property all of a sudden. They are there digging after grubs, which for them is a delicious meal. Present your local lawn service company with such issues and have them devise a plan for you the earliest in the spring possible.

Other Insects You Should Monitor

There’s a host of overwintering pests that cannot wait to wreak havoc in spring or invade your home in winter. Look for spider mites on conifers and shrubs. Make sure to limit ant populations, as well as ticks, fleas, and stink bugs.

As winter lawn maintenance goes, our local lawn care Montclair VA experts recommend you keep your property and buildings clean and neat. It is the best way to keep overwintering pests at bay until specialists intervene with pro lawn care programs and treatment plans.