How to Prune Your Trees in Winter according to our Experts in Lawn Care in Montclair VA

A common misconception is that winter is not a good time to prune your shrubs and trees. Our lawn care Montclair VA specialists are here to prove once and for all that winter trimming does not only come with plenty of benefits for the pruned vegetation but your safety as well. Let’s learn today why winter trimming and pruning of trees, shrubs, and hedges is advantageous and what you need to consider before boarding on this activity.

The 5 Essential Benefits of Winter Shrubs and Trees Pruning and Trimming

We know winter is not people’s favorite time to spend time outdoors cutting branches and evaluating their landscape, but our lawn maintenance Montclair VA specialists insist you should prep your gear and make the best out of your trimming skills. Here is why:

  1. You get to see exactly what is going on with your shrubs and trees. Since there is no foliage to mislead you, now you can see the shape and structure of the deciduous vegetation, quickly identify dead and diseased branches, or growths going contrary to the overall tree/shrub development pattern.
  2. Trimming and pruning the trees in winter – while dormant – allow them to heal from the cuts until spring and prompt them to use spring’s moisture, sunlight, and nutrients to stimulate new growth.
  3. Winter pruning and trimming limits the spread of diseases, fungi, or pests to the healthy parts of the shrub/tree and the rest of the vegetation in your yard and garden; since pathogens and insects also lie dormant in the cold season, you will do the entire landscape a favor.
  4. Trimming and pruning trees in winter is a safety measure for you, your home, and your family. Limit the risk of dead branches flying all over the place during storms and blizzards.
  5. Pruning trees and shrubs in winter is cost-effective. The solid icy ground allows the use of heavy machinery and tools without damaging your landscape. The same is true if you call our specialists in lawn care in Montclair VA for the job.

Experts in Lawn Care in Montclair VA Offer 5 Suggestions

If you decide to follow through with the pruning and trimming plan, here are some ideas from our pros in lawn care and lawn maintenance in Montclair VA:

  1. Choose a mild and dry day to begin operations.
  2. Pick only the right trees and shrubs to prune in winter (avoid trees and shrubs that bloom early in the spring.)
  3. Begin with dead and diseased branches, and then move up to overgrowths and smaller twigs.
  4. Always cut at the node.
  5. Do not allow dead and diseased branches to lie around in the garden or backyard – they can entertain the development of fungi, other pathogens, and pests.

Ask for Professional Help

Our masters in lawn care in Montclair VA are always ready to come over and assess the situation in your stead. We can trim and prune your trees and hedges, make sure all the cuts go to the right branches and your vegetation gets all chances of blooming plentifully in spring!