Whether you are a new homeowner wanting to have a superbly designed landscape or a seasoned one looking to revamp the yard, you know that outdoor lights are the soul of any such project. Our experts in landscaping in Montclair VA can help you pick the best landscape lighting systems and also give you a hand with your landscape lighting installation needs. However, they are here today to teach you a few things about outdoor solar lights and what to look for in case you plan to buy some.

Top Things to Consider When You Plan to Get Outdoor Solar Lights

The first thing to mention is that, for obvious reasons, solar outdoor lights are the best way to go about landscape illumination, say our specialists in landscaping in Montclair VA. They are eco-friendly, blend in perfectly in any yard style and design, and are independent of your electricity company. Now, let’s see a few factors to consider in your purchase decision!

  1. Measured in lumens, the brightness levels make the difference between a well-lit yard and a discrete bohemian-style patio. It would help if you looked for solar lamps averaging 400 lumens. Some landscape lights boasting 600 lumens are some of the most luminous products out there.
  2. Mounting and design. As you know, you can have staked-in-the-ground landscape lights, wall-mounted ones, string ones, and all of these at the same time. Some landscape lights are versatile, and our landscape designers in Montclair VA can install them, so they fit best the overall look and atmosphere of your property.
  3. Weather sealing. The best solar lamps for landscapes should be water, heat, wind, and frost resilient. They should be able to illuminate no matter the weather.
  4. It is an important criterion, as your solar lights should shine bright at night for around 6 to 8 hours. Moreover, the overall lifespan of your landscape lighting system should hit an average of 30,000 to 50,000 hours.
  5. Extra features. While they can pump up the price, you would thoroughly enjoy them: motion sensors, auto shut-off during the day, dimmers, etc.

Before you go out to buy solar lights for your landscape, discuss matters with our landscaping experts in Montclair, VA. They will tell you what you need to complete and compliment the look and atmosphere of your property. Watch out for the manufacturer’s warranty, as you do with any tech investment, and make sure your landscaping specialists in Montclair VA are there to install your new system.