You all know what you have to do come spring: lawn evaluation, aeration and overseeding, raking and dethatching, irrigation, fertilization, weed control, etc. We know you rely on our experts in lawn care in Woodbridge, VA, and we are here to help at all times. Because we want the best for your yards and gardens this year, let us present you with some of the most exciting lawn care trends we believe will have plenty of traction from 2020 to 2021!

Top Lawn Care Trends According to Our Lawn Care Woodbridge VA Pros

Let’s see some of the most thrilling trends in lawn care, gardening, and yard maintenance to consider for your property this year!

  1. Using native plants and grasses – homeowners use them to cut watering costs together with fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, and other chemicals. Native plants and turf replacements require less maintenance, watering, fertilization, and pest control.
  2. Organic and eco-conscious lawn care & maintenance means using more organic and eco-friendly pest control measures, nourishment, watering (by collecting rainwater in barrels), mulching, weed control, etc. Our specialists in lawn maintenance in Woodbridge, VA, recommend using more compost for fertilization and protection this year. Home compost bins are the best solution if you don’t want to organize a compost pile on your property.
  3. Planting multi-seasonal gardens and yards – adding plants that offer interest with their foliage, bark, texture, fruit, and flowers throughout the year. Talk to our experts in lawn care in Woodbridge, VA, about adding detail and interest to your yard this year. Add American holly not only for aesthetic reasons but also to keep away small wildlife, such as rabbits or voles.
  4. Homegrown food – with so many people spending more time at home, cooking, and managing expenses better, growing food at home is one of the biggest lawn care trends we noticed. Growing aromatic herbs and vegetables are not only useful but also educational for the kids.
  5. Front porch revamps – our lawn care company in Woodbridge, VA recommends you pay more attention to your front porch. Make sure you get professional lawn care services for lawn edging, shrubs trimming, potted plant additions, and more!

If you want to get professional lawn care in Woodbridge, VA, don’t forget to contact our lawn care company to schedule the upcoming activities! For more advice and projects that incorporate such gardening trends, you can also talk to us! We are more than happy to offer you free estimates and professional year-long services!