Your pooch emptying its bladder on your lawn may wreak havoc on its appearance as dog urine happens to have too much of a good thing for your turf – nitrogen. In large enough amounts, nitrogen burns the turfgrass and causes the so-called “dog spots.” Our experts in lawn care in Dale City, VA, are perfectly aware of the impact a family dog may have on a lawn, but they have also provided several solutions for you not to have to choose between your four-legged friend and a plush, green yard.

Is My Dog’s Urine Wrecking My Lawn?

The short answer is yes, especially if your dog is a female or a big dog and has the habit of relieving themselves in the exact same spot. However, if you notice unsightly brown spots on your lawn, don’t rush to blame your mutt. Drought, disease, and pest infestation may cause the turf to go brown, as well. For instance, if grub infestation is the cause, you’ll notice that the dead, brown grass easily detaches from the soil. That means that the bugs have finished feasting on your turf’s roots and caused patches of dead grass across your yard.

On the other hand, the so-called “dog spots” are easily to diagnose even by an untrained eye. If the brown spots are yellowish and have a dark green ring of healthy turf around the edges, then your dog is likely the culprit. You may wonder, why dog urine is so damaging for turf grass. It is because dog pee is naturally rich in nitrogen, an essential compound found in most lawn fertilizers. But just like overdoing it with the fertilizer, too much nitrogen-packed dog urine may burn the lawn. Plus, nitrogen levels in a dog’s urine may further rise if your pet’s diet is rich in protein, which is highly advisable for dogs.

The easy way out would be to keep your pup off the lawn or train them to urinate in a single location. Another solution would be to thoroughly water the lawn in the spots your dog has just used to relive themselves to flush out the nitrogen faster. However, that is a very labor-intensive solution, and you would need to keep a constant watch on your dog. Another fix for a damaged lawn by dog urine is a lawn treatment. If the damage is substantial, we recommend giving our lawn care Dale City, VA pros a call as the lawn may need reseeding and extensive recovery work.

Plus, ensuring that your lawn stays healthy is a surefire way of keeping the damage caused by dog urine in check, as a healthy turf has the resources and energy to combat additional sources of stress, your dog included.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Our Pros in Lawn Care in Dale City VA for Help

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