When lawn care experts say “winter,” you should read “fall.” Putting the lawn to bed usually starts in September or October. If you are late to this party, however, you should not worry. There is still time to adjust things so you can keep your lawn safe during the cold season. Our experts in lawn care in Woodbridge VA want to share some tips with those homeowners who are beginners in winterization practices.

Rake the leaves and clean the lawn

You may have heard that leaving the wet tree leaves on the ground nourishes the soil and protects the roots from snow and frost. The truth is, they can only do that if you shred them and turn them into organic mulch. Otherwise, the leaves will block the light and lead to the roots’ demise. To make mulch out of fallen tree leaves, you need a sharp-bladed mower to shred them. Spread them evenly on the lawn.

Proper aeration

If you didn’t do it by now, you should hurry, before the soil freezes. You can ask our lawn care company in Woodbridge VA to give you a hand. If you aerate this time of year, you may promote the growth of some vegetation, which otherwise would have entered its dormant winter state. Talk to the specialists and see if aeration is a good solution for you right now.

Winter fertilization

Despite popular belief, you should winterize if it is beneficial for your soil and the grasses you grow. Some turf varieties fare better than others do in winter and need little help from your part. If you cultivate cold season grasses, you should discuss with your local team about what types of fertilizers work best for each grass variety.

Monitor the weather

Weather surveillance will help you maintain a healthy winter lawn better than other methods. Take the proper measures (we are considering burlap covers and so on) if you know a snowstorm is coming or extreme low temps approaching.

Avoid heavy traffic

Your turf will take some traffic, but if it starts to snow or freeze, limit the traffic on your lawn and garden. Heavily worn paths of grass will have a hard time to grow tall and colorful in spring.

If you have doubts about winterization, talk to your lawn care company in Woodbridge, VA, to offer you some guidelines on the best practices!