With spring about to take over your property, you need to pay attention to your lawn and garden more than you did during winter. Whether you began some tasks or not last month, March puts plenty on your plate regarding lawn preparations. If you worry about the health and thriving of your lawn in early spring, here are some tips, tricks, and advice from our experts in lawn care in Manassas VA!

Lawn and Garden Assessments

According to our pros in lawn care in Manassas VA, you should begin your lawn and landscape preparations with a thorough assessment. Winter may have taken a more significant toll than you imagine, so your priority is damage control. While you can fix some things later on in the season, some issues require your undivided attention right now:

  • Snow mold. This dangerous condition may lead to severe consequences over time if you leave it alone. In case you do not know how to tackle snow mold, ask your regular team of experts in lawn care Manassas VA to give you a hand!
  • Bare spots and exposed soil patches. Besides being unaesthetic, these patches attract plenty of weeds. You should discuss reseeding with your lawn service company and choose the best time to do it.
  • Compact soil or clay accumulations. If your soil has a drainage problem, now it is the time to manage it. Soil core aeration and lawn repairs are both optimal solutions to ensure that your grasses receive enough air, warmth, and light to burst with life in spring.
  • Pest control. Pests are starting to swarm around, and you need to be wary about them. First, make sure you have worm casting situations under control. Next, check with your local lawn care service about the use of pesticides this early in spring;
  • Damages to the structure of trees, shrubs, hedges. Inspect the barks of your trees and shrubs. Damaged trees need specific treatments to recover, so you should also consider it when you design your lawn maintenance program for this year.

Mandatory Activities

You do not probably have enough grown grass to mow, but you will reach that step soon enough. In the meanwhile, clean and sharpen your mower’s blades and invest in new gardening tools. Besides shopping, however, here is a list of other tasks you should consider:

  • Fertilization and weed control with the help or under the supervision of professionals in lawn care in Manassas VA.
  • Aeration is crucial, together with overseeding and soil amendments. We strongly recommend you ask experts to perform a thorough soil test before you begin working on your lawn and garden.
  • Watering depends on many factors, and if you are in doubt, you should consult with your regular team of technicians in lawn care in Manassas VA.

Planning together with our Pros in Lawn Care in Manassas VA

If you are already working with a professional lawn service company, things will be more comfortable, as your team knows when to start working on your lawn and how to implement this season’s projects. If you need help with your property and do not have a lawn care team to back you up, contact us today and ask for a free estimate! Our experts in lawn care In Manassas VA are happy to assist you!