Some homeowners might wonder why they might need weed prevention methods for the summer when their local lawn treatments experts are there to implement the fertilization and control seasonal programs. The answer is simple: not all weeds germinate at the same time. Some seeds can lie dormant in the soil for months or years before they grow. For this reason, our experts in lawn care in Woodbridge VA are here to tell you how to prevent such weeds from germinating in the summer. Moreover, our specialists want to emphasize the fact that you can wake up sleeping weeds or unknowingly bring new ones on your property. So, let’s see what this is all about!

1. Let Dormant Weeds Sleep

As we said, your soil contains plenty of weed seeds that wait for their chance to germinate and take over your land. However, some activities can encourage dormant weeds to pop up and fight for resources:

  • Refreshing the soil with a shovel or hoe for aeration purposes;
  • Adding new plants to your flowerbeds or lawn borders;
  • Improper mowing or watering;
  • Lawn maintenance activities performed outside the schedules established together with your local lawn care experts in Woodbridge, VA.

Limiting all your interventions in summer on your property can help you prevent the awakening of the sleeping weeds. Discuss with your local lawn care providers in Woodbridge VA about lawn summer maintenance programs, fertilization, and weed control.

2. Don’t Bring Weeds into Your Lawn

You could unwillingly bring new weed seeds into your lawn if you get potted plants from a nursery. If the plants stood in the greenhouse for a while, they might have weed seeds in the soil. When you plant these new flowers or grasses in your yard, the weed seeds transfer on your lawn, causing a weed outburst.

Talk to your local lawn care experts in Woodbridge, VA, about bringing new grasses and plants to your yard. They can recommend reputable greenhouses that can provide you with weed-free pots.

3. Mulching is Essential

Our lawn care experts in Woodbridge VA recommend you use mulch in your lawn and landscape activities. When it comes to preventing summer weeds, hard mulches are the best barriers against the unwanted plants trying to take over your property.

If you need more information about weed prevention or you need help with a weed eruption on your lawn, talk to our lawn care service providers in Woodbridge VA. They can help you with any lawn maintenance problems year-round!