Aeration & Overseeding

Aeration & OverseedingAeration is a specialized lawn care procedure, which helps air the soil and free clumped up particles of soil, following bouts of cold and humid weather. It is important to aerate the soil, as this technique helps the oxygen and nutrients reach the roots, nourish them, and help them stay strong during the cold season. This way, your turf will look healthy and thriving in spring. Aeration can be performed in spring, fall or both, but it is most important during the fall.

The autumn season is the best time for new grass to mature, since the fall climate provides the best conditions to do so. In spring, the new grass risks burning off because of the hot summer weather that follows right as the turf emerges.

Seeding, also referred to as overseeding is a treatment for lawns which suffer from “bald” or barren patches. Many homeowners come to believe that such spots spell the end of their lawn. They become convinced that their lawn has been damaged beyond repair, yet this is certainly not the case.

Seeding helps new layers of grass emerge on the barren spots, thus restoring the beauty and healthiness of your lawn. The best way to implement this procedure is as a follow-up to fall aeration, as aerating the soil ensures ideal conditions for new grass to emerge.

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